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The owner reserves the right to make any type of modification to the website at
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proper functioning of said website without any liability.

The owner is not responsible for the software being free of errors that may cause a
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form, it is not responsible for the damages caused by the access and / or use of the website


In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession
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The owner will corroborate that the personal data contained in the databases are
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were collected.

The use of personal data will be limited to the provisions of the Privacy Notice of our
company, thus guaranteeing the safety of our clients.
LK reserves the right to make any type of modification to the Privacy Notice at
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applicable legislation, the user accepts said modifications, at the time of purchase or exchange
of any of our products.

The website involves the use of cookies, which are small amounts of information that
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The user undertakes to respect the industrial and intellectual property rights of the
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