It all started with a Word!

Believing in God is a challenge that whomever takes it and understand the responsibility of it, can see the hand of God moving.

When a word comes into your life, it comes to activate something within you that many times you do not understand what it is.

During a prophetic service at Centro Familiar Cristiano, the pastor José Infante release a word upon Laura Lara and told her "make a shoes that demolishes spiritual fortresses, that confronts hell with Luke 10:19"

The first thought at that time for Laura Lara was Why me? I'm not a warrior (is what she thought) and later the Holy Spirit ministered to her life and reminded her of the battles she has faced along the way, the times she has been surrounded by snakes, scorpions and the many darts that the enemy has thrown that they were to leave her on the ground, however EBENEZER the Lord has helped her up to this point.

From that moment she began to believe that it was not her spirituality that qualified her to this brand; but those struggles that she had gone has made her strong to understand the authority has been given to her.

TODAY WITH HER HUSBAND CESAR LARA AND THEIR CHILDREN Christopher, César, Carlos, Corvan and David believed in the promises of heaven and have walked trusting that we will be able to kill snakes and scorpions and above the battles NOTHING WILL HARM US.

That's how The company Luke 10:19 started

Behold, I give you the power to trample serpents and scorpions, (A) and over all enemy forces, and nothing will harm you.